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2015 CLE-in-a-Box On Demand
Product #: 015752
Format: On-Demand Video
Format: Bundled Product
Meet all your mandatory CLE requirements with our 2015 CLE in-a-Box 25 hour OnDemand pack.
The easiest and most convenient way to meet your CLE requirements with the best content available.
 $224.00 - $274.00
2015 CLE Bundle Required Subjects Specialty 6 Pack OnDemand
Product #: 015753
Format: On-Demand Video
Format: Bundled Product
OnDemand Online Video(6 hr needed – 4 hr Ethics, 1 hr Elim. Of Bias, 1 hr Substance Abuse)

Ethics: All You Need to Know (2013)

This seminar will give participants the opportunit ...

 $149.00 - $199.00
Guaranties of Recourse Liability: The Ongoing Evolution
Product #: 012519
CLE Credits: 1
Format: On-Demand Video
This program, presented by Dennis Arnold of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP will provide an in-depth analysis of “springing guaranties” and other similar “recourse guaranties.” Drafting and enforcement ...
Green is the New Gold –New Sustainability Standards Under Title 24’s Net Zero Energy Manda ...
Product #: 012502
CLE Credits: 1
Format: On-Demand Video
The new Net Zero Energy requirements under Title 24 have wide ramifications for new development planned for 2020 and beyond. Meanwhile, the ongoing drought has brought other aspects of sustainability ...
 $40.00 - $60.00
Ethics - All You Need to Know - 2014
Product #: 012484
CLE Credits: 4
Format: On-Demand Video
LACBA’s Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee will present its 10th annual ethics seminar on Saturday, December 6, 2014. This seminar gives participants the opportunity to learn about impor ...
 $160.00 - $200.00
Introduction to the Law of Personal Property Secured Transactions
Product #: 012493
CLE Credits: 1
Format: On-Demand Video
Please join us as we focus on a preliminary understanding of Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code and discuss issues of attachment, perfection (including the various types of personal property col ...
 $40.00 - $60.00
Admitting and Enforcing Agreements in Mediation: Ethical and Practical Considerations for ...
Product #: 012496
CLE Credits: 1
Format: On-Demand Video
This program provides practice tips to create admissible and enforceable agreements reached through mediated negotiations. Gain understanding of the presumptive inadmissibility of agreements, convers ...
What to Expect at Your First Deposition
Product #: 012491
CLE Credits: 1
Format: On-Demand Video
This program, created with newer attorney in mind, will answer questions about basic deposition protocol, We’ll focus on the ins and outs of taking a deposition, including the role of the court repor ...
 $40.00 - $60.00
Aviva K. Bobb Advanced Probate Volunteer Panel Attorney Training Symposium
Product #: 012476
CLE Credits: 3.75
Format: On-Demand Video
This annual program helps to fulfill the continuing education requirements for PVP attorneys set forth in the LASC Local Rules and the California Rules of Court. It is also of interest to trusts and ...
 $120.00 - $160.00
What You & Your Clients Need to Know About AB1103
Product #: 012452
CLE Credits: 1
Format: On-Demand Video
This program will discuss the practical implications for building owners, tenants, buyers, sellers and lenders for complying with AB1103, the Benchmarking/Disclosure Statute, in effect since January 1 ...
 $40.00 - $60.00
126 Items Found

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